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Our research is often in the news 

JMAD is doing contemporary and impactful research, and our research makes headlines. There is a plenty of expertise at our research centre, and our researchers are often asked to comment on issues of importance in the media. Additionally, we have active bloggers and broadcasters among our team.

From Paper to Platform book launch

JMAD co-director Dr Merja Myllylahti launched her book From Paper to Platform: How Tech Giants are Redefining News and Democracy on November 30, 2023. Economics journalist Bernard Hickey "praised the book for its insights into the tech giants’ wielding of power over societies." The book is published by Bridget Williams Books and it is available here.

How AI is changing journalism and communication

Multiple JMAD researchers were presenting their papers at the AUT AI & Communication Symposium on September 6, 2023.

Here are the titles of their papers:

  • Dr Sarah Barker: Ambivalent AI: Threat or Saviour

  • Dr Merja Myllylahti: Now you see it, now you don't: How generative search engines and chatbots offer news and how these may affect news publishers

  • Doctoral Candidate Haley Jones: Journalism, algorithms and public interest

  • Dr Peter Hoar: Now that's not what I call music! AI and the music industry.

News about our researchers and research







 JMAD members graduate as Doctors of Philosophy as it members:  Rachel Peters (left) and Amber Hammill (right) have graduated from the AUT School of Communication Studies, and we are proud of them.

Title of the Amber's Doctoral Thesis is "A Grounded Theory of Radio Listening as Company Among Older Listeners" and Rachel's thesis is titled "Televised Sports Coverage in New Zealand: Between Global Capitalism and Cultural Citizenship."

If you want to know more about their research, here are links to their PhD's.



In the news

Recent articles featuring JMAD researchers

Merja official.jpg

Merja Myllylahti

Interviewed by Stuff about trust in news.


Wayne Hope

Interviewed by BusinessDesk about platform companies.


Greg Treadwell

Writing in The Conversation about demise of New Zealand media.


Haley Jones

Interviewed by RNZ about AI and journalism.


Sarah Baker

Writing in The Conversation about disappearance of current affairs programs.


Peter Hoar

Interviewed by RNZ about AI and music industry.

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