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Multiple research opportunities

Post-graduate research

JMAD members have plenty of experience in post-graduate supervision, and many are currently supervising Masters and PhD thesis. In the past years, we have also engaged post-graduate students to research centre's projects, and have offered Summer Scholarship and Research Assistant positions.

Saing Te

In December 2020, Doctoral Candidate Saing Te was awarded the AUT School of Communication Studies Summer Scholarship to conduct research for the JMAD. Her research is about historic media ownership patterns in New Zealand.

Wenije Li

In December 2020, Doctoral Candidate Wenije Li was awarded the AUT School of Communication Studies Summer Scholarship. During her scholarship, she conducted research on the use of algorithms in news. Her research was supervised by Professor Verica Rupar.

Carlo Berti

Dr Carlo Berti was part of the JMAD's Media Observatory research team investigating diversity of reporting in local body elections in 2016. The research work resulted in publication in Media Studies Journal of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Amber Hammill

Amber's JMAD research concerned reporting during local body elections in New Zealand. The focus of her research was in environmental issues and voters. She co-wrote an academic article with Professors Verica Rupar and Wayne Hope.

Haley Jones

Haley did her Masters at AUT School of Communication and has now joined the school to do a PhD. Her PhD is about algorithms in newsrooms and she is being supervised by Verica Rupar and Merja Myllylahti.

Todd Henry

Todd Henry is a post-graduate student at AUT School of Communication Studies. During Summer 2021-22 he was hired as Research Assistant to aid Professor Wayne Hope in his climate change studies.

Toby Simpson

In November-December 2021, Toby was working as Research Assistant for the Trust in News in NZ project. During his RA he conducted a comprehensive bibliography of academic trust in news literature.

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